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Our Mission

SET Group delivers world-class technology innovation, training, and equipment solutions to public safety, military, educational, and corporate clients throughout the world. Our goal
is to improve client safety and productivity by offering full-lifecycle managed services and effective, efficient, safe solutions to asymmetrical problems.

icon_360 360˚ Training

Military, public safety, corporations, and educational organizations all have different roles, unique needs, objectives, and levels of proficiency in managing evolving-threat conditions. Regardless, human beings go through the same physiological responses when operating under conditions of extreme duress.

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This reality convinced SET Group that to help students understand the cumulative effects of stress, fear, and the associated endorphin dump, we must integrate fight science into our training programs. With that, we set out to develop a training methodology that addresses physiological change and engrains desirable, conditioned responses into those operating under impaired condition.

Our 360º Methodology empowers cross-industry personnel with the mental and physical skills they need to perform at optimum levels and meet objectives under conditions of duress. Whether on the battlefield, the street, or in the classroom or boardroom, our training equips leaders, first responders, employees, and students with the tools necessary to stay alive and manage defined roles during catastrophic events.

iconhome-1 SET Innovations

SET Group develops personal safety technologies, infrastructure security solutions, and mission-support tools. Our technologies enable parents with a greater ability to locate and recover missing children, hospitals with safer access control solutions, and the forward operator with enhanced

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information-gathering ability and increased survivability. These tools provide unique advantages to those living in the tactical world as well as public safety officials.

SET Group has numerous technological patents pending with applications in the military, public safety, search and rescue, security, and mining industries. The vision behind our patents stems from years of experience in military, emergency-services, and engineering fields … as well as our obsession with operator safety.

Our technologies directly support national infrastructure, first responders, battlefield strategies, corporate and security industries, parents, and schools and are designed for seamless integration into most existing architectures.

iconhome-4 Equipment Solutions

SET Group holds exclusive licensing and/or distribution rights for state-of-the-art facial and object recognition software, communications and sensory technologies, biometrics, wireless signal location, water making technologies, blast mitigation coatings, and various firearms and ballistic protection manufacturers.

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As with our own technologies, these innovations directly support national infrastructure, first responders, battlefield strategies, corporate and security industries, parents, and schools and are designed for seamless integration.

SET Group can provide direct procurements of equipment, and often at wholesale prices. We also have the ability to perform need analyses and recommend equipment and training solutions that can fit almost any budget.

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Training Programs

The “average” active shooter incident involves 12 minutes of extreme violence, shock, and terror. Due to the nature of these rapidly unfolding events, first responders make it to the scene in time to intervene less than 50% of the time. As a result of these statistics, The Department of Homeland Security and OSHA require organizations to train and prepare their people to survive active shooter/workplace violence incidents. Schools should obviously do the same! Concurrently, the most effective way for law enforcement to minimize the high death tolls associated with mass killing incidents is to train all department personnel – not just first responders – in each of the roles needed to successfully resolve mass casualty incidents.

Our Strength

A Team Within A Team

Highly Flexible

A Team Within A Team

By design, SET Group is a small company of experienced people with a global network of partners across the tactical, technical, and equipment industries. In-house passion and expertise allow us to develop state-of-the-art tactics, training, and technologies, whereas our partners enable us to deliver them in the form of world-class, scalable solutions, and across a broad range of industries. Our “lean” operating strategies ensure we always remain efficient, affordable, and responsive to client needs.

Tactical Integration of Emerging Tech

Fast Response

Tactical Integration of Emerging Technology

SET Group’s diverse team of subject matter experts creates safety and defense technologies for protecting children, first responders, and infrastructures. We’ve taken our collective experience in public safety, EMS and Hazmat, medical, psychological, educational, combat, and defense-engineering fields and put it to use protecting people and assets. Many of our people continue to serve in active duty, advisory, public safety, educational, and hospital care capacities – while others develop tomorrow’s Defense solutions.

Our decades of practical and technical experience in addressing evolving threat conditions, coupled with a philosophy of living life outside the box, strategically positions our team to facilitate the integration of tactics and technology. In order to bring our products to market in a timely and affordable manner, yet ensure seamless integration, intuitive operation, and extreme reliability, all SET defense and safety technologies are developed in-house or in conjunction with industry-leading partners.

Full-Lifecycle Defense Management

Easy to Customize

Full-Lifecycle Defense Management Solutions

SET Group specializes in both public and private procurement systems. Our leadership has 20 years of experience managing grants, contracts, and multi-organization procurements, so we are able to work with your Procurement and Accounting operations…no matter the scope of engagement (consulting, equipment acquisition, or training) or the inherent regulatory framework (FAR, DFAR, OMB, US Tax Code / CFR, and international export / import regulations). SET Group holds current US Department of State Broker’s and Export Licenses, as well as BATFE Firearms Licenses.

Our Testimonial

  • “In one night, your leadership and conflict resolution training did more to solidify this group than I’ve seen happen in four years.”

    Herb FuentesHerb Fuentes
    Harbor Bay Security Team

  • “Your insight saved us from going to market with our new tactical flashlight’s dimming feature completely backwards.”

    VP of Business DevelopmentVP of Business Development
    Leading Manufacturer – Anonymous

  • “In my 20+ years of law enforcement and all my SWAT training, I’ll say this is a course every cop should take. Not only did the training mentally prepare me for an armed encounter, it helped me survive one … two weeks after the course! Your gun takeaway techniques work.”

    Sgt. Paul HerrmannSgt. Paul Herrmann
    Avondale, AZ

  • “If you thought you understand active shooter and workplace violence mitigation, prepare to have your eyes opened!”

    Norway Police

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